MiCOM P746
MiCOM P746 numerical busbar protection provides centralized complete protection for all voltages level up to extra high voltage busbar configurations. Models available: MiCOM P746

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MiCOM P746 has proven techniques and dynamic topology processing algorithms, offer a combination of security, speed and sensitivity. Simple configuration for centralized architecture The MiCOM P746 differential busbar protection provides a centralized one box or three boxes architecture and is very simple to use: It does not need to be deeply engineered and supports easy operation and maintenance of the busbar. Fast, secure and easy to use With a typical operating time of 12 ms with High Break High Speed contact option or 17ms with standard contacts, the MiCOM P746 protection is one of the fastest in its class. Moreover, the trips can be synchronous or sequential, dynamically changing substation topology of the busbar is displayed on any PC with the substation real time dynamic monitoring tool. Fully communicant With IEC61850-8.1, Courier, DNP3.0, Modbus and IEC103 protocols, the MiCOM P746 is easily integrated in any substation system. MiCOM P746 REMOTE HMI PC APPLICATION SOFTWARE: The MiCOM P746 remote PC HMI allows the user to display the MiCOM P746 Busbar topology, associated measured analogue quantities and DDB (digital data bus) status information such as circuit breaker and isolator positions and alarms. Available in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Russian Standard Manufacturers Warranty: 2 years