MiCOM P59x
Protocol converters, GPS Synchronism and Pilot Wire Interfaces for MiCOM line differential relays. Models available: MiCOM P591, MiCOM P592, MiCOM P593, MiCOM P594, MiCOM P595

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MiCOM P59x range features several products designed for substation integration. Initially designed for Current Differential schemes, these units have a high degree of accuracy and high speed operation. They are separated into 3 categories: MiCOM P591 and MiCOM P593 Units are stand alone fibre optic to electrical communications interface units that allow the MiCOM P54x and MiCOM P52x Current Differential Relays to be connected to remote pulse code modulation (PCM) multiplexing equipment, using 64 kbit/sec data channels conforming to ITU-T recommendations G.703 or X.21. MiCOM P595 is an EIA(RS)485 to pilot wire interface for relay connection to unconditioned twisted pair pilots. It provides secure communications on unconditioned twisted pair pilot wires for use with MiCOM P52x Current Differential Relays. The interfacing device accepts EIA(RS)485 from the P521 and uses an internal modem to drive a 4-wire signalling link, ensuring fast operation of the differential protection. MiCOM P594 provides GPS-derived synchronization for many Schneider Electric Protection relays and IEDs. It is convenient for any type of protection or substation IED including MiCOM, SEPAM or any other brands as it also provides IRIG-B time synchronization outputs in several formats. Its main functions are: 4 x 1 PPS fibre optic outputs Synchronizing of P54x sampling, or 1 x Modulated IRIG-B output 2 x Un-modulated IRIG-B outputs 4 x Output Contacts - each 1 PPM/1 PPH pulse outputs or alarm contacts Statistics Front panel User Interface, as per MiCOM Px20 relays Watchdog outputs Software update port
Through the various features, the MiCOM P59x series allow users to connect further applications such as multiplexers, pilot wires or GPS synchronism. Time synchronisation can also be spread throughout the substation to any compatible device. MiCOM P59x units are designed to work in demanding and harsh environmental conditions and for fast operating current differential protection applications.
MiCOM P59x Interface units are designed for use with MiCOM Current Differential protection applications, to extend the use of this fast-acting protection into Multiplexer and Pilot Wire applications. MiCOM P594 offers time synchronisation for any substation application, it offers very high accuracy for current differential applications as well as IRIG-B (Modulated and Unmodulated), pulsed contacts and pulsed fibre optic outputs. It is suitable for many different substation synchronisation tasks and is built on reliable hardware, used on MiCOM Px20 protection relay range.