MiCOM P44x
MiCOM P44x provides high speed and high performance distance protection for all overhead lines and cable applications and offers a comprehensive range of protection functions as standard. Models available: MiCOM P441, MiCOM P442, MiCOM P443, MiCOM P444, MiCOM P445, MiCOM P446, MiCOM P447, MiCOM P448

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MiCOM P44x is complemented by various serial and Ethernet communication protocols including IEC61850 and a multi-language HMI featuring English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. Protection is further enhanced by the use of Programmable Scheme Logic within the device. The range offers quadrilateral (polygon) or mho characteristics with a long history of high performance, load blinding areas, comprehensive range of teleprotection schemes, Power swing alarm and blocking and Multishot autoreclosure with check synchronism. Housed in 40TE, 60TE or 80TE, 4U case sizes, this advanced distance protection range has fault clearance times of 0.7 to 1 cycle depending on model. MiCOM P441, P442 and P443 operate on Quadrilateral distance characteristics, whereas MiCOM P443, P445 and P446 offer Mho distance characteristics. Standard Manufacturers Warranty: 2 years
Proven experience and fastest operating times Extensive distance protection experience and algorithms using “Delta algorithm”, “Mho” and Impedance measurement techniques. “Mho” pedigree with over 25 years experience Wide choice of channel aided scheme Relay determines its own settings from protected line data (Mho models) Setting free power swing detection and unblocking for the faults during swings (Mho models)
Multifunctional Distance protection devices with a full range of backup protection functions provides the user to selective protection and to trip for line faults in: Overhead lines and underground cables Lines with multiple zero sequence sources Non-homogeneous lines, series compensated lines, parallel lines Distribution to Transmission Voltage levels