MiCOM P43x
MiCOM P43x distance protection and One-Box devices are used for selective short circuit, ground fault and overload protection in all kinds of medium, high and extra-high voltage systems. Models available: MiCOM P430C, MiCOM P433, MiCOM P435, MiCOM P437, MiCOM P439

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MiCOM P43x offers a comprehensive range of protection functions as standard with optional hardware and software features available to satisfy your individual needs. MiCOM P439 One-Box solution also includes Bay Control up to 10 devices, including a library of more than 250 pre-engineered bay templates, to reduce your engineering time. Information exchange is performed by inbuilt communication interfaces, using either serial protocols (IEC 60870-5-101, 103, Courier, DNP or Modbus) or an Ethernet interface using IEC 61850. MiCOM P43x is scalable and available in modular 4U case sizes of 40TE or 84TE width, suitable for panel, rack or surface mounting. Wiring connections can be made with either ring or pin terminals, depending on preference and security. A detachable HMI is available to increase security and safety of local operation. Alternatively, it is also available in a Compact case P430C, with reduced hardware functionality where mounting size is restricted. Standard Manufacturers Warranty: 2 years
Comprehensive, Modular Distance Protection Comprehensive and advanced range of protection and control functions suitable to meet many system requirements. Flexible modular hardware options for simple adaptation to application requirements Universal compact case which is equally suitable for wall or flush mounting.
Multifunctional distance device enables the user to cover a wide range of applications in protection and control of feeders: Overhead lines Cables