MiCOM P11x
MiCOM P11x relays are a compact solution for all MV applications where standard and self-powered overcurrent and/or earth-fault protection are required. Models available: MiCOM P111, MiCOM P114D, MiCOM P115, MiCOM P116

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MiCOM P11x caters for applications with conventional auxiliary power and where auxiliary voltage is not available or not guaranteed by using innovative Self-Power or Dual-Power modes (MiCOM P115 and P116). Flexible and compact options for the mounting of the device means that MiCOM P11x can be applied using Flush, Panel, Wall, DIN Rail or Withdrawable techniques. All devices include digital inputs and outputs and an inbuilt USB port for fast connection to setting software (MiCOM S1 Studio). MiCOM P11x relays include many additional model specific features, dedicated to their intended purpose, such as: Recording of faults, events and disturbances RS485 communication ports Capacitive discharge output (sensitive trip coils, strikers and flags available in P115 and P116) Selectable measuring criteria: True RMS or fundamental frequency current measurements Conventional CT inputs or Extremely compact solution using dedicated LV Phase Ring Core CTs Standard Manufacturers Warranty: 2 years
Flexible, Good Value, Compact Range of Overcurrent and Earth Fault Protection Good feature/price ratio Compact case sizes with high functionality Wide range of overcurrent protection functions No need for auxiliary supply, reduced costs auxiliary voltage circuits not needed Inbuilt USB setting port SCADA Communications Cost reduction using energy tripping outputs Flexible case mounting options Inbuilt Trip/Close command pushbuttons
Industrial Plants, Transport and Renewable energy Advanced LV up to MV Feeder, Capacitor bank and Transformer applications requiring basic recording and communication capability Cost optimized solutions Applications demanding compact case sizes When an auxiliary supply is not available or not guaranteed